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You need a team that cares about your success. That’s us. We think about our clients first, always. Not only to we work without contracts, we have affordable Auto Glass SEO plans that work. SEO doesn’t have to break the bank, but it does have to be effective with a profit-driven plan.

Our Sell More Auto Glass SEO Program comes stacked with features

2021 Auto Glass SEO

We got you covered. If there’s a problem, don’t worry we have a solution for your Auto Glass SEO. HeadStart Digital has been working on SEO for years & keep up with Google updates & best practices.

Our team has this down to a science. Most of our Auto Glass SEO campaigns (and marketing campaigns) are run in 3 months packages. Sorta, like quarters from financial reports.

Every 3 months is a quarter, starting on the date of your campaign. Q1 – Q4. We recommend that most SEO campaigns be run for at least 6 months to 12 months.

Our strategies are meant to set up your first 3 months as the heaviest of work. Tackling your biggest problems to generate the best results & most leads fast.

Best SEO agency
  • No contracts
  • Weekly Reporting
  • You Own All Work Done
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Consistently Get Leads
  • Rank 1st Page
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Winning Auto Glass Shop SEO & Marketing Plans Tailored For Your Business

HeadStart is a specialized SEO & Marketing agency. We only work with auto glass companies. Which means we've developed a process that works for auto windshield repair & replacement companies wanting to dominate their local markets.

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What Makes Us Different?

Link Building

We prioritize link building. In fact we have an entire strategy dedicated to building quality links to your auto glass shop website.

Weekly SEO Reporting

Yes you read that right. Weekly SEO reports sent directly to you. You also get weekly phone calls updating you on progress.

On Page SEO

We include basic website re-designs & all on-page website optimizations on our SEO packages. Now that is a pretty sweet deal.

Off Page SEO

We also take a look at your social media, and local directories for auto glass shops, your Google My Business & more.

Rank Higher

Depending on your platform we might get confident. That's right, we can guarantee higher rankings or money back.

Quick Support

Feel free to call us 24/7. If you have any questions our team and the CEO is always available to take your call.

Our HeadStart Auto Glass SEO Process

Affective Auto Glass SEO is a strategy. An investment for your business. That's why we recommend a minimum of 6 months in dedicated SEO work.

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This Is Why Auto Glass SEO Matters.

Want to know why your business needs SEO going into 2021? The 1st page & the 1st results of Google's search engine result pages get all the traffic and clicks. If there are 10,000 monthly searches for your auto glass service in your city, being at the top will make a huge difference. Almost all traffic begins on a search engine. As we can see, every month there are 110,000 monthly searches for auto glass repair.


Now do you see why Auto Glass SEO matters? 

You provide an emergency service, which is great bc people search quickly on Google for your service. Whomever is on the 1st page will likely receive that business.

1st Page

1st Result

Search Traffic

But Local Auto Glass SEO Can Be Even More Effective

You might be wondering how can local auto glass SEO be better for my lead generation if the volume is much smaller?


Well, think about it. This is just 1 keyword, it's for a specific location. These are your hottest online leads. This is also just 1 keyword, there's hundreds of available keywords that we can target in your SEO campaign. It can also be easier to rank for and advertise on Google as shown.


By helping you rank on the 1st page or the #1 search result you are reaching out to 75% of these hot leads every single month.

Auto Glass shop SEO Marketing
auto repair seo

Auto Glass SEO Gets You On The Map.

As a profit driven SEO & marketing agency, our focus is on getting you calls & leads.


Not only do we want you to rank on Google's 1st page for Auto Glass. We want you to show high up on the map pack. Your Google My Business is important, let us take care of optimizing your online listings.


So when someone searches "auto glass repair near me", your business gets that call.

Client’s love us


Proven SEO & Advertising Services

Services We Provide

local seo

Dedicated SEO Strategy

We provide SEO services to local and small business owners. If you want to rank on the 1st page on Google for your city we are your go to team. 

Did you know that 75% of search traffic stays on the 1st page on Google? And 25% of all clicks are made for the #1 ranking search result? 

Do you see the value here? If every month there are 5,000 people searching for your services online it makes a huge difference being on the 1st vs the 10th page.

People searching for your services on Google are warm leads & they are just looking to buy from the right business. 

Our team of experienced SEO's specialize in the following local & small business service areas: 

  • Plumbers/Roofing/HVAC
  • Dentist/Chiropractors
  • Auto Industry

Give us a call (214) 494-0282 or fill our form to learn how we can help set up the proper SEO strategy that will consistently drive traffic & leads for your business.

pay per click

Pay Per Click

Google PPC is very effective for a company wanting to get directly in front of their ideal customer. The campaigns are set up where you only pay when a person clicks on your ad.

PPC can help drive huge ROI as long as your landing page & your website is enhanced with conversion rate optimization.

Remember, every click can be a new customer or sale. PPC cost range between $2 click in auto industries, up to $30-40 click in contractor services. Basically, paying per lead.

Give us a call (214) 494-0282 or fill our form to learn how we can help set up the proper funnel that can help convert bigger sales for your business.

facebook ads

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising has become increasingly popular with small & local business.

It's affordable & gives you the opportunity to reach thousands of viewers for a fraction of traditional advertising.

Our team takes care of the entire facebook ad process & are heavily involved in communicating with you during the campaign.

Making sure your facebook ads align with the culture and theme of your business.

The advertising process for local service based business is very different from product or e-commerce. Understanding your target audience & showcasing your service or company can be tricky. Let us help you advertise your company in a way that makes people sign up for your offer.

Give us a call (214) 494-0282 or fill our form to learn how we can help set up the proper facebook ad funnel that can help drive clicks & sales for your business.

conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is very important in your marketing campaigns. Even if you rank #1 on Google, having a badly designed website can cause you to lose most of your sales.

That's where we come in. Taking a look at your website & see how we can apply design & carefully placed copy to deliver a powerful story to your audience.

Something as simple as your form or button placement and design can turn away hungry buyers. We optimize your entire website, from homepage to contact and build a landing page for your ads.

Give us a call (214) 494-0282 or fill our form to learn how we can help set up landing pages & funnel that can help convert warm leads into sales for you company.


Full-Stack Marketing

Do you want a full-stack marketing package? Look no further, we specialize in taking care of your entire online marketing campaign.

If you want faster results, faster Google rankings and more leads coming into your calendar this is for you.

Our team takes a good look at your current marketing efforts and craft up a tailored strategy for you. Applying our resources where we know you need help on and maximizing results.

Give us a call (214) 494-0282 or fill our form to learn how we can help set up the proper full-stack marketing plan that will drive leads to your door on autopilot. 

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    Auto Glass SEO Services Q&A

    Auto Glass SEO helps your business get in front of the customers searching for your business on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

    Most the first page of search results gets 75% of all clicks, the first results 24%. See the value? 

    While paid ads skip the SEO process and are very effective. SEO allows you to get on the first page for a long time without having to pay for advertising. You get the same value as paid traffic but for free in organic traffic.

    So when someone is searching for medical or contractor services near them your business will be there first. Helping you land the client.

    Without SEO, your auto glass website cannot be seen on as many search pages or as a high ranking search result. It is important you focus marketing efforts using local SEO.

    Our clients have had over a 90% success rate with our SEO process. Now SEO is a very complicated scientific process that works differently for every business.

    We have designed a personalized structure that enhances SEO in the most effective way for your specific industry. 

    This way your SEO investment helps your business rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) while producing the higher ROI. 

    Now SEO is a process, we will sit down with you and explain everything you need to know to feel confident that our SEO experts can over deliver.

    HeadStart Digital uses a proven process to help increase your traffic with people that have a “Buyer’s Intent” for your services.

    We then enhance your platforms with conversion rate optimization, a process that helps convert your warm traffic into hot leads.

    This facilitates converting leads into customers. Increasing your ROI.

    This can be done with SEO, Google PPC, Facebook Advertising (we also provide Instagram Ads), Explainer Video promotions, and optimizing your Website with interactive content and effective landing pages.

    Every member at HeadStart Digital believe that our partner’s needs come first. 

    We are here to serve your business with our proven marketing strategies.

    In short, you should hire us because we will help scale your business or practice.

    Meaning we hard day and night to make sure you get our fee back plus a decent ROI. 

    Now we can’t guarantee results. But we can guarantee that you’ll have a great team working to make sure you receive the best marketing services available.

    You get access to a project manager and the phone number to the founders of HeadStart Digital. You deserve to have a direct line of communication at all times with the people running our marketing agency, and know that they are heavily involved on your marketing.

    You get bi-weekly or monthly reporting (depending on scope of work), you get an SEO audit, social media audit, and in depth data-analysis of your marketing efforts.

    You should hire HeadStart Digital because we are here to show results.

    SEO is the process of enhancing your website content to help your business ranking higher on Search Engine Result Pages such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.

    Ranking on the first page or the #1 position can help your business generate 75% of all clicks that are made when an interested buyer is searching for your services. 

    This increases your profits from the hundreds of potential sales you can make from ranking on SERP’s. 

    Auto Glass SEO isn’t magic. It is a scientific process that takes time and hard work to show results. A process that we have perfected and facilitate for your business to benefit. 

    Typically, Auto Glass SEO starts to show some results within 2-3 months. But in complete transparency, it can take 6-12months to show good ROI. 

    What’s amazing about SEO is how you will be able to rank on the top page for the same keywords that competitors ( or yourself)  pay in Google Ad positions. 

    Naturally using both SEO & PPC is very effective. But by ranking on the top page your website will be next to Ads that other people are paying. So you get to save a lot of money in the long run. 

    All of our services are in-house. That includes a web developer that specializes in WordPress web design. 

    We can create a beautiful website full with content that is both SEO and CRO ready.

    This means that it will be ready to attract the customers that you need to generate online.

    We do offer a continue content and website maintenance for a small monthly fee. Our content creators will write and post blogs and new pages for your website every month so you can focus on your business.

    This is perfect for business that want to have authority online will building out their SEO.

    Yes! Just give us a call/text, email or get in contact using our forms. 

    If you want immediate response talk to us on our live chat box. 

    One of our experts will be more than happy to sit down and learn all about your business.

    We will discover what your current data is and how we can create a campaign that fits your budget.

    Our methodology has always been our partners come first.

    Of course we do have a fee for all of our services but we do keep in mind your budget and your needs.

    The more your needs typically you will have a higher fee. 

    But most of our fees are more reasonable than you might think. 

    We shoot to provide your business a lot more value than what we charge. With more value comes a bigger ROI and brand awareness that is worth so much more than a fee than ensures your business keeps growing.